Dakota likes…..

Wait for it…..

1. Music, but not a real fur coat because that would be cruel
2. Reads like a Crazy Man (Loves Throne of Glass)
3. Star Wars
4. Music from Star Wars
5. Reading about Star Wars
6. Darth Vader (not Darth Gater)
7. Funny Disney Shirts about Star Wars
8. Wishes he was Darth Vader (Wants to rule the Universe)
9. Knows how to use the Force (but he’s not a Jedi yet….)
10. Do you know how to use the Force? (Do or Do not, there is no Try!)
11. Book of Mormon (Loves Samuel the Lamanite)
12. TV and Movies (Dr. Who (? – Check Netflix), Chuck, anything Marvel, Star Trek, and Disney)
13. His Sisters
14. His Mom, Mother, Mum
15. His Dad
16. Dirt Biking
17. Hot Pockets (The ones you eat)
18. Loves Hot Sandwiches
19. XBox
20. Cousins
21. Scouts
22. Anything but School
23. His favorite youngest Aunt Summer
24. Loves to play Risk (of course he would lose to his uncle Brian and aunt Summer)
25. Loves Legos (can build anything)
26. Knows an abnormal amount of information on Disney Princesses thanks to Kodi
27. Really loves COKE


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